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AMPLIFY MUSIC | Songs of the Week #4
AMPLIFY MUSIC | Songs of the Week #4
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Songs of the Week #4

By Samir Ibrahim

The break is over, we hope you all had a relaxing time off.  We resume with our „Songs of the Week“, this time with some songs which got a deeper message. Oh, and there’s a Spotify playlist on the bottom so you never miss the „Songs of the Week“!


Saint Motel – For Elise [Indie Pop] (Mara Deuschle)

Every artist has a phase in his life, where he/she just can’t find any inspiration, this is the moment where muses strike to bring back some of the creativity lost. Saint Motel were asking themselves, which the great muses in rock and pop are. As with Elise (Beethoven’s immortal beloved),  they didn’t really find an answer, but managed to write an amazing song!





Ólafur Arnalds – Near Light [Experimental/Ambient] (Nicola Holenstein)

Ólafur Arnalds never lacked the ability to create an emotional soundscape, so no wonder his scores were featured in movies like „The Hunger Games“ and „Taken 3“. Joining the sad piano, the strings in „Near Light“ tell a story on their own. This story was crafted into a beautifully animated music video by Lam Ho Tak, which won numerous awards.




Kevin Morby – Beautiful Strangers [Indie Rock] (Alex Zreikat)

Even though you may find this song pretty laid back, it has a deep meaning behind it. Kevin wrote this song in dedication to all the people he read of but was never able to meet. This because they lost their lives earlier than expected trough gun violence. Additionally to dedicating this song to all the dead, all the proceeds of the sale of the single (Check!) go to Everytown For Gun Safety.




Yonas – Fall Back [Hip-Hop] (Thomas Tarantini)

Reaching 70+k downloads with his breakthrough mixtape „The Transition“, this song is a snapshot of Yonas‘ life before he got known. He tells the story of how he was broke and wondering about why his career hasn’t taken off yet. Although 2012 is a long time ago, his flow is still on point and we’re asking ourselves too, why he isn’t famous yet.




Saint Pepsi – Private Caller [Lo-Fi] (Achille Chevrier)

This song is part of the Lo-Fi movement, which has been taking the YouTube scene by storm. The recipe is simple: sample an old song on analog machines, then put it under randomly cut 90’s videos and upload it on YouTube. Characteristic is the perceived(!) low quality of both music and video and is, where it gets its name from. The mixture of this kind of video and music creates a unique audiovisual product which is more than its ingredients.